Angel(s) of the North

Overlooking Newcastle upon Tyne the is the Angel of the North

An imposing piece of public art that hovers on a hill above the Tyne and Newcastle.

Tyne Bridge

There were also some angels of the north at Mo Tech the Moto Guzzi dealer in Newcastle.

The provided me a bit of space out the weather to make a running repair.

A little workshop space out of the weather
Rocker cover gasket replacement

Angels come in different forms

8 thoughts on “Angel(s) of the North

  1. Safe riding and love ur postings
    3, hope u are having a wonderful time, stay safe xx

  2. Hopefully there will be many angels out there Cuz. Ride safely and keep blogging.

  3. Looking forward to maybe seeing you in August. Hubby has a garage full of tools if you need any assistance down here! 🙂

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