A sojourn in South East England

The shingle and high tides are the perfect conditions for having a careening based shipyard at the old fishing port at Hastings.

Trawlers sit on the shingle while their catch is sold in the huts on the foreshore.

The fishing port and old town sit under high cliffs where a funicular to the top of the cliffs gives a great view.

And the old town has the buildings that are so out of square that I wonder how they have stood for a week yet they have for centuries.

Old out of square Tudor style building are part the village of Rye. Especially, the beautiful Mermaid Street.

And around Church Hill where some of the oldest buildings in the village are found.

Once the sea lapped at the edge of the town of Rye but that was many many centuries ago. The beach is now a couple of miles down the Rother River with marshland in between.

From the mouth of the Rother the shingle beach curves gently for just over 10 miles to the the cliff at Fairlight.

The tide of 4 metres means an ever changing view along the beach. It also means ever changing water conditions.

My favourite little beach is at Pett Level especially at high tide where the drop away from the high tide line is steep. This means on a hot day a couple of steps off the shingle and you can plunge into the cool Atlantic waters in the English Chanel.

Fishing is part of the culture of the South East be it the small fishing boats on the shingle at Pett Level

Or the commercial boats like at Hastings and at Rye.

And bounty from the sea such as a pan of plump fresh scallops.

Upstream of Rye, the Rother River winds its way through the country side.

Past little villages like Newenden where the local pub provides a spot for a cool ale or bite to eat.

But, for me, the most special place is the Rye Nature Reserve. With its walks, wildflowers and birdlife. It was my solice when I was locked down in Rye Harbour in April 2020. It is a most beautiful place.

There has recently been a heat wave in the UK and Europe. Rye Harbour was the perfect place to escape the heat and to see the storm to end of the heat wave roll in.

9 thoughts on “A sojourn in South East England

  1. Fabulous! The fishing port at the top….I feel like I’ve seen that in a film….maybe a gangster film

  2. Hi Mick, we don’t know which was the better photo, those plump scallops or the stormy red sky 😀. And those beautiful old Tudor buildings that look like they’re about to topple are terrific! Looks like a lovely part of the UK. Where are you off to next? Cheers Pauline

    1. Hi Pauline, I’m in London at my sister’s for a couple of weeks then off to France and Italy. Mary headed back yesterday. So the focus now it to get the bike ready for the next leg. 8-11 Sept is the 100th anniversary of Moto Guzzi with a big festival on Lake Como. That’s the main goal. Mick

      1. Sounds perfect! Looking forward to the next instalment. Cheers Pauline

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