The Royal Parks and another place worth visiting in Richmond, London.

Richmond and Bushy parks are beautiful nature reserves in Richmond.

Richmond Park is around 950 ha and Bushy 450. So 1500ha of old forest, deer and birdlife right in the south west of London.

In Richmond Park a magnificent Stag

And Does and Fawns in Bushby.

The birdlife

And the old trees and forest. Old oaks and hazelnuts

Also in Richmond is Hampton Court Palace. My sister suggested I had to see at least one Palace in London and that Hampton Court was the best.

It is the Palace where Henry viii loved, reformed and beheaded like only a rampant English King can.

Like all palaces it’s lavish.

But Henry was known as a big eater and I big eater needs a big hearth and such was found in Henry’s kitchen.

The mighty Breva was in service for the next leg of this year’s adventure to France Italy and the 100th Anniversary of Moto Guzzi.

But thanks to Badrick I had a baby 750 breva to use for a couple of days.

Not as big and powerful as the Mighty Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 I usually ride. But more horses than the carriage in the Palace!

They are beautiful big working horses though.

8 thoughts on “The Royal Parks and another place worth visiting in Richmond, London.

  1. On the flight to London in May my seat mate told me she wanted to visit Richmond Park to visit, of all things, the deer. She is from Vancouver and had been to Victoria. The latter is run over by deer. They make the traffic stop. Determine if garden roses will bloom, or the pansies. Make quick work of unprotected vegetables and have been known to take over the grounds of the Lieutenant Governor’s House. (Where the Queen stays when she visits) Some of the municipalities have considered culling the deer. To my knowledge so far unsuccessfully after the hue & cry of our rightfully animal rights islanders.

  2. Gorgeous shots of the deer, I love Richmond Park… and Richmond itself. I only discovered Bushey Park this Summer, but it’s another lovely place. I’ve usually got the dog with me, so I’ve never made it to the palace but it looks quite the place of luxury!

  3. Such a lovely spot. We visited Hampton Court but can’t recall seeing deer in the park. Such an elegant animal. Cheers Pauline

  4. Hi Mick, it was great to meet you recently at Boyds Lake campsite along with my daughter and granddaughter, may you always find a light for your burner 😉 Enjoying your blog now that I’m back at home. Cheers Guy

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