Some hot hours in Budapest

Some hot hours in Budapest

Hot Jazz on the banks on the Danube in Budapest

Budapest is a funky city the banks of the Danube flanked by the opulance from the years of the Austro Hungarian Empire

So many battles

Conquered, restored conquered and restored again

But there is a funky feel in the narrow streets

And there is hot

Jazz by the Danube at night

The Danube three impressions

The Danube three impressions

Hot Jazz on the banks of the Danube in Budapest

The Danube is one of the halmarks of this beautiful city.

This is the urban Danube winding through many of Europe’s great cities.

A working river transporting people and good across the continent.

The Iron Gates of the Danube forms the border between Romania and Bulgaria

A gorge around 100km long with small villages dotted along the way.

And finally the Delta

The great Danube starts in nature in Germany’s black forest and is a protected nature park when it reaches the Black Sea.

Im so glad the nature aspects still remain.

Those are the places that really fill me with awe

Maybe because it complements the wild flow of riding a motorbike.