Waning Moon – Night Sailing

Source: http://www.daviddelamare.com/waning.html


at night

the sky full of the milky way

clear in the darkness


The sea black

the phosphorescence sparkling in the wake of my boat

as she cuts her way through the sea

the light autumn breeze providing her power

silence and darkness


The full moon of Easter has passed

in the last hours of darkness she arises

the waning moon

she sucks the sparkle from the sea

turning it into her own week ribbon of light


Our moods are joined as one

this my last night at sea

the waning of my adventure

dawn will bring my home port and another voyage finished


But like the waning moon

its a phase

in a little while a new cycle will begin

as with the heavens life is a series of cycles

some more spectacular than others

but cycles of the rhythm of life.


I conceived this poem sailing back from Hobart to Melbourne a few years past.  It was a magnificent night and I was off Cape Shank heading west along the Victorian coast when the waning moon rose in the east behind me. The morning would see me clear  The Rip and head for home.


Tassie (Tasmania)


Looking past Wineglass Bay to Schouten Passage in the Freycinet Peninsula


I’ve looked at Tassie from both sides now

from in and out

and still somehow

Its Tassie’s illusion I recall

I really don’t know Tassie at all

(will apologies to Joni Mitchell)


I’m going to Tassie again

I place I can always go back to

find something new and beautiful

In Australian smallest State

An island State, part of an island nation.


Looking out to sea over the remains of the old jetty in Bridport NE Tasmania

Looking out across the blue clear waters that surround Tassie.

Looking in from coastal anchorages at


Storm over Maria Island from Chinamans Bay,


At storms rolling past


At the play of the light on the rocky shoreline


Sleepy Cove, Freycinet Peninsula



Looking in to tight harbour entrances


Hells Gates the entrance to Macquarie Harbour in perfect conditions


Sitting safe in historic ports


Futura in Constitution Dock, Hobart


Looking down on the Stanley Fishing Harbour from the Nut

Travelling through beautiful wilderness


Gordon River Wilderness





Looking towards Frenchmans Cap in the South West Wilderness


And a quirkiness that is only Tassie


Ship’s dog watching passers by


Blue Man in Salamanca Place Hobart

Next month I’m going back to Tassie again

Taking the mighty Breva down for her second trip

I hope the sun never sets on my Tasmania adventures.


Sunset over Coles Bay TasmaniaSouth East Tasmania





A place of special serenity for me


Apollo Bay

On the south west coast of Victoria is the little place of serenity

Nestled between the Otway mountains and the sea


A quiet fishing village in the cold of winter

Cray pots stacked for winter
I have ridden or sailed there innumerable times

Down the Great Ocean Road or over the Otway Mountains

In the safe harbour amongst the working boats

In a tent or a cabin

I listen to the roar of the surf, the winds at the edge of the roaring 40’s

or the silence of a fishing village in winter

Apollo Bay is quiet hamlet where I can take to the surf or walk through the giant forests.

Its a place that has offered me serenity and peace since I was just a boy, travelling here and camping in the dunes under a tarpaulin strung from my uncles car.

A place of peace and regeneration.


Art, Craft , Engineering – sometimes separated by a thin line

I often think of art in nature

or is that

nature and art

the beauty

lines and curves


colour and light

I remember in Kenya



Flamingos at Lake Nakuru

Such colour

Crowned Crane

In art we try and capture such things often beautifully

but art in many ways is static

so is there a place where art meets craft

is there a place in manufacturing where the elements of motion

reflect art

Sometimes a yacht can walk that line

craftsmanship in wood,

Finely shaped

Art in motion

Futura painted to go back in the water
I also see this practical art in manufacturing

In this pair of beautiful Laverdas

Laverda SFC 750s