Motorcycle Touring

My Moto Guzzi  loaded up while touring
My Moto Guzzi loaded up while touring

The vast continent of Australia, with its generally mild climate, large areas of sparsely populated land, mountains and rolling plains makes it a wonderful place for motorcycle touring.

It allows the rider to feel the full range of emotions and sensations the are experienced when riding a motorbike especially a large powerful machine.

The mountain ranges, like Great Dividing Range which runs north south for the length of the east coast of Australia and twisty coastal roads, provide an exhilarating touring environment.

There is nothing like the feel of hustling a big bike through the mountains dancing into the corners with the feet working the gears and rear brake, the hands flying over the clutch, and front brake, then blasting out, past the apex of the corner as you roll on the throttle and you feel the roar and vibration of the engine as the machine bursts forward.

Top of the Great Divide in norther NSW
Top of the Great Divide in northern NSW

Also the long open roads of the outback provide the opportunity to explore the feeling of speed as the bike charges forward at high speed roaring and bucking over the long open road, with its small imperfections, its bumps and dips accentuated by the speed of the machine.  The wind stronger and stronger as the speed increases, the scenery a blur at the edge of the peripheral vision and the body and bike becoming one on the ribbon of road.

Unlike the boat, the bike is not a vehicle for serenity, its a raw wild beast where danger is always close at hand.

Long Open Road in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Long Open Road in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia

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