Impressions of South Australia – Fleurieu Peninsula

It was getting hot in the Flinders Ranges and the prediction was that it was going to hit 40 celsius.

Bike loaded and ady to roll at the back of the Blinman Hotel
Bike loaded and ready to roll at the back of the Blinman Hotel

I couldn’t wait to get on my way south through the Clare Vand the Adelaide Hills and down to the Fleurieu Peninsula ( where the cool breezes off the southern ocean keeps the temperatures down.

There was an overnight stop at the Barbed Wire Pub at Spalding just north of Clare then through to Port Elliot where the over 100 year old  Port Elliot Beach House is totally friendly and cheap.

Port Elliot Beach House accomodation
Port Elliot Beach House accommodation

The night at the beach was good to do some shopping.  The Fleurieu Peninsula is so fertile and with 100 ks there are all types of foods.  Yoghurts from the local dairy farms, dried grapes and wines from McLaren Vale and Langhorn Creek, fresh fish from the sea and lakes and tomatoes and over vegetables from Murray Bridge. All local and fresh.

The aim was to stock up them camp in one of the beautiful coastal parks that are just of the road to Cape Jervis.

Looking out To Kangaroo Island on the road to Cape Jervis
Looking out to Kangaroo Island on the road to Cape Jervis

The road from Victor Harbour to Cape Jervis is listed in the top 100 rides in Australia and is a pearler, with optional detours down gravel (oh no not again) roads to beaches at the number of conservation parks along the coast.

As a 40 degree day (in October!) approached I slipped down one of those gravel roads to find a camp spot just over the dunes from the beach.

Reading down to the camp spot
Reading down to the camp spot
Coastal Park Camp
Coastal Park Camp

With some camp spot friends.

A permanent resident
A permanent resident
Another resident
Another resident

A beautiful place to camp on a very hot day and to bring my trip to South Australia to and end as the next day I headed back home.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    you do make travelling to South Australia very inviting. the photos speak for themselves and your tips on accomodation and food shopping are great. will definitely keep Fleurieu Peninsula in mind, should i go down there one day!

    cheers Karinxxx

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