Catalonia and the Pyrenees – part 3 the Midi Pyrenees

After the drama of the Pyrenees the Midi Pyrenees of southern France more rolling hills. With:

Chateau de la Prade near Brams

Tree lined canals


The Midi Canal


With elegant locks

And deep gorges formed by the Alzou river

Gorge de l’Alzou

And as if hanging from the face of the mighty gorges,

The village of Rocamadour

Rocamadour, chateau, church and village

Rocamadour has its origins in the 4th century, and developed through the medieval times. It is a place of miracles,  shrine of the Black Madonna and survived the Cathar Wars which may be a miracle in itself.

The Midi Pyrenees opened the door to northern France, the beautiful Loire Valley,  and the bountiful fields running up to the Belgian border.

Rocamadour, has an amazing goat cheese, some say the best goat cheeze

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