2017 a year of many adventures, many places and many miles-a pictorial summary

2017 has been a year of many adventures in amazing places

It maybe marks a progress from a piecemeal adventurer to a more full time one

The purchase of the Mighty Breva II in the UK opening up a whole new realm of touring

February in Tasmania 


March in the Australian Alps


April trip to SE Queensland



June/July in England and the Mighty Breva II

Home away from home with fellow Guzzista and drying out the wet weather gear!


July Into Northern Europe

August through Scandinavia and Germany

And into Switzerland


September in Northern Italy and Southern France


October back in Australia sailing and camping

And a quick blast back to Northern NSW

 November a walk in beautiful Springbrook National Park, SE Queensland one of Natures Gardens

December a blast through central Victoria good food and good company


It truly has been an amazing year and 2018 holds the promise of more wonderful adventures.  Life can be just wonderful.

Happy New Year to all


5 thoughts on “2017 a year of many adventures, many places and many miles-a pictorial summary

  1. I know I have told you before, but you really do have the best adventures : ) Out of curiosity, can you fit bike on the boat? We were thinking that one day, you know that “one day”, that we need to be able to fit at least ONE bike. So is it going to be a scooter we are stuck with on a 34′ or what lol. Might just have to rent when we get there or make friends near the ports 😉 That one day seems to be getting further and further away. The kids need to grow up and the cats, well I’d rather push my sailing days further away than lose my cats any time soon. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

    1. No can’t fit any sort of motorbike on the boat. Mine is 31ft. Lots of people have fold up electric bicycles which are pretty useful I hear but I haven’t got one. Chase your dream and it will happen!

      1. I have a folding MB, but the ebike we have does not fold. Shawn is for the e bike as well. We couldn’t fit the Zero (the range is horrible anyway) but the bicycles we could.

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