Ch Ch Changes (with apologies to David Bowie)

Changes are afoot

ch ch changes

Turn and face the strange

ch ch changes

Don’t want to be a richer man


Just gonna be a different man


Time may change me

But I cant trace time  (lyrics from David Bowie – Changes )

So changes are the theme of my life at the moment

I have 12 working days left till retirement from full time work.

By mid June I will be back in the UK on the Mighty Breva for chapter 3 of my Moto Guzzi European Adventure

This time

Tracing my Celtic heritage and Celtic history in Wales, Cornwall, Galicia, Brittany and Ireland.

Riding the Haute Pyrenees/Altos Pireneos

becoming more adventurer and less piecemeal

more spontaneous and less planned

more in the moment.

There is a strange mixture of excitement and trepidation coursing through me

from the anticipation

of the

ch ch changes

in front of me



16 thoughts on “Ch Ch Changes (with apologies to David Bowie)

  1. Congratulations on your retirement! What an exciting stage in your life. Your trip to trace your heritage sounds wonderful! I suspect you are going to like being an adventurer!!

    1. I was in Ireland nearly 20 years ago. My Great Grandparent came from Cork to Kalgoorlie, Australia in the 1870s. It was a moving experience. I bought a pair of Irish sailing boots at O’Cahills shoe shop in Cork. Cahill is my family name.

  2. I cannot wait to hear of your travels, of your personal growth (learning that you don’t NEED step by step planning; I have a hard time with that one) and your stories of adaptation and being FREE. Look at you in your suit! I love the stark difference of when you are all work and then all play, when you are in your gear (and the visible happiness in your demeanor!) Ireland, : ) I want to go there to see the beauty , and to Scotland. June is coming up! Congrats on your upcoming retirement.

  3. Sounds like an amazing way to be Mick! Your free spirit released! Wonder if you’re meeting up with our Irish friends? Have a wonderful trip and we look forward to seeing you here later. I’m currently in Calgary. xx

  4. Hey Mick….not so piecemeal after all! I think you have always been the adventurer….the piecemeal bit was just to keep the spirit at bay….till now….unleash the adventurer and fly with the wind….will miss you in the UK this year but will keep in touch, we will probably get back into Melbourne around the same time….safe rides!

  5. Late to the party, but congratulations on your retirement! Your travels sound wonderful and I look forward to reading about them! 🏍🌞

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