On to Carcassonne

A hot run across the Spanish border

Roads lined this plane trees in the Midi Pyrenees

And on to Carcassonne

Medieval citadel

Relic of the Cathar Dream

Survivor of the Cathar Wars.

Bastion of the past

Standing on the hill

Survivor of centuries

Weathered wall the keepers of secrets through the ages

The ancient citadel on the hill


The citadel dressed up for the Tour d’ France

It well hold its secrets to the sun sets over it for the last time.

8 thoughts on “On to Carcassonne

  1. I looove the Cathedral. I have a “thing” for them. I was brought up Catholic, although I do not practice any religion I still love visiting cathedrals to take in their beauty. I am so envious, your trip is amazing.

      1. Have you ever been to St Chappelle in Paris? It is very small, but it is almost all stained glass. At least it looks like it when you are in it. The upstairs has access by a very tiny staircase. It is breathtaking.

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