Transylvania, legends, royalty and that Irish connection.

Bran Castle

Battling the crowds on the narrow road to Bran

Past Dracula signs

One thinks how did Irishman Bram Stoker imagine this place and create the legend Dracula

The narrow roads are thick with tourists inspired by the legend

The citadel at Sighisoara also claiming it’s part of the legend

Any where that Vlad the Impaler, (who Dracula is based on) stayed dines out on the legend

But the legend disguises the the true beauty of Transylvania

View from Bran Castle

The amazing country side of open pasture

And the old forests around Brasov

And some wonderful biking roads

Near Brasov

The Transfagarsan

And memorials that tell the tale of the fight for Romanian independendance. Achieved in 1918

Though the Habsburg empire still had influence in Romania till the Soviets exiled the remaining Duke in 1947.

Romania is a beautiful and varied country and I’ve still a week here

16 thoughts on “Transylvania, legends, royalty and that Irish connection.

  1. Romania was certainly wonderful. We were there mid to late May so traffic wasn’t too bad but the Transalpina was still closed which was a shame.

  2. Mick, what a great trip! I suppose you will come back to OZ sometime. Though don’t hurry. We had a couple of days of sun, now it is back to drizzle… Tony A.

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