Travelling in the time of Coronavirus-the Spanish lockdown

I arrived in Jerez de la Frontera the day the Moroccan Govt closed the border with Spain

That was the end of the Morocco trip

I had booked into the alburgue in Jerez. I extended my booking a couple of days so I could think of the next move

In Jerez some sherry tasting a must

No tasting for this adventurer

I guess it was a sign of what was to come.

So I had to console myself with some garlic prawns and red wine

The was hardly any activity in the Square. Some locals and a few tourists, from the USA and UK by the accent

The cafe owners strangely subdued. Maybe they new something was about to happen

Maybe the lost income from the covid19 pandemic was weighing heavily on them

That Saturday night the lockdown was proclaimed for 15 days

Everything to shut except food stores, pharmacies and petrol station.

Stay indoors

The streets of Jerez totally deserted on Sunday mid day

Initally I had thought Id sit out the lockdown in Jerez.

Sunday all seemed OK. A long term rate could be negotiated. Fix it up Monday morning

It was warm in Jerez, the alburgue was modern big grounds to exercise in and a pool. Perfect place to sit out the lockdown

Monday morning all had changed. Tuesday I had to be out.

Thinks change quickly during a pandemic!

Sunday France had declared a lockdown so travelling back through France was off the cards

Frantic work on the phone.

Booked a ferry spot from Santander to Portsmouth the next Saturday.

All the hotels were shut. Where to stay.

Thank you to the good hearted souls who have given me shelter via airbnb

It was a cold ride from Jerez to Valladolid where Im currently staying locked down

It had snowed the night before on the skifields south of Salamanca. But the sun was out

I pulled into a parking bay. Pulled out my little burner and made a coffee and had a snack of cheese, olives and manderine

And though Spain is beautiful even in the time of a lockdown

At 10pm at night in Jerez, in Valladolid and across Spain. People clap and cheer in appreciation of the health workers.

Cause they are on the front line of the pandemic

The Spanish are beautiful people

26 thoughts on “Travelling in the time of Coronavirus-the Spanish lockdown

  1. You’re good at finding positives even in difficult times Mick. The prawns looked wonderful, as did the mountain photo. Hope you make your ferry back to Portsmouth. Safe journey 🌅

  2. Warms my heart when people applaud health care workers. I have a daughter who is a nurse at a hospital.
    As it happens another daughter works as a cashier (she says glorified cleaner) at a grocery store.
    Hospitals, pharmacies and grocery stores are considered essential services in Canada.
    Stay healthy.

  3. What a real shame Mick, although inevitable. Crazy panic buying here; of all things toilet paper, rice and pasta. Probably rationing to follow. At least the cellar is full of wine and a few packs of Korean style instant noodles! Played tennis with the boys this morning but not sure how long before that’s banned as well. Stay safe…and see you down the track.

  4. Much more of an adventure then you were planning I’m sure. I really appreciate the resourceful way that you make the best of it. Hope to meet you someday and hear your stories over a good meal

  5. You shouldn’t be traveling Cuz….we’re trying to flatten the curve!
    The prawns do look fab though…lol
    Good Luck and stay safe Jen

  6. WOW what a ride! Pardon the pun 😊. It is crazy here as Peter said, although the UK probably isn’t much better. We’ve been laying low as most of our music gigs have been cancelled although we saw New Order at the Myer Music Bowl last Saturday night which was our last hurrah. What are your plans? Cheers Pauline and Swanny xx

  7. It is so refreshing to see how you managed to turn a dreadful situation into a positive experience! I could use some of those prawns about right now! 🙂 Safe travels.

    1. Well it’s all a bit up in the air Larry, but Im back in England now. My sister lives here. She has a caravan down on the south coast. Ill stop here for a while and see what unfolds next

      1. Are you allowed to ride around? If you can, at least you can DO something.

      2. Feeling for you mate. I guess it will get to that here.
        There’s still plenty of dickheads doing dumb stuff though but by in large it’s extremely quiet and people are taking it very seriously.
        I rode to work today (one man office) but freeways are pretty quiet.
        Take care Mick

  8. Hi Mic, just checking in to see how you’re going. Do you have access to Zoom or Skype or anything that we can “chat” on? I’ll give Mez a ring as well to see how you’re going. Thinking of you xx

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