Not Travelling in the time of Coronavirus- Melbourne lock down clips my wings

The second Melbourne, Australia lock down has just been implemented

After being in and out of lock downs in Spain and England and quarantine in a Melbourne Hotel, this second lockdown in Melbourne has finally anchored me.


Famous landmarks of the usually bustling city cast with an almost ghostly quietness

Even the usually bustling Victoria Market with its colourful displays of produce, like the life has been sucked out of its ancient stalls and sheds


No queuing four deep at my favourite stall

Chance meeting with someone I hadn’t seen for a while

Little is left to chance in the time of coronavirus

At the eastern end of the city

The Monuments, the Shrine of Remembrance  and the Old Observatory along with Gardens and the floral clock stand alone


In the lanes and alleyways of the inner city

Usually vibrant

The graffiti almost mocks the quiet desolation


The next 6 weeks (the length of this lockdown) will be a time and thought of what has been and what will be.

Something different to share over the coming weeks.

8 thoughts on “Not Travelling in the time of Coronavirus- Melbourne lock down clips my wings

  1. Haven’t been into the city for 4 months! I miss it terribly! Great to see these photos, particularly the Carlton Gardens where I regularly on the way to work. Thanks Mic!

  2. Nothing can clip your wings Mike. You might be stationary for a while but the wings of your mind will be taking off to new adventures. Your writing is certainly becoming part of history as are the beautiful photos representing the ghostly atmosphere of Melbourne in lockdown.

  3. I miss travelling for the littlest pleasures. These pictures reflect on what the tourism of the world is facing. I hope this ends soon and you are able to follow this wonderful hobby of yours. Have a great day!❤️

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