LOCKDOWN Melbourne, Australia -finding the place within.

Jawbone marine reserve, Williamstown

In many ways a severe COVID-19 lockdown is about finding oneself

In ones own environ

Reconnecting and finding peace within

I grew up 5 or 6 km from where I live now

We were A Bunch of Ratbags

Back in the rough industrial suburb of Footscray 

And as a kid I ride my bicycle to the City of Williamstown

To look across at the City of Melbourne and dream.


Walk along the old piers looking at the boats and dreaming of adventures in distant lands


Now this area is my home and Im back from adventures in distant lands

And am again cycling by the waterside, sometimes dreaming and often appreciating the beauty of the place


The mighty ships coming up the Yarra River to port the ever present reminder of modern industry

So different  to the time when the ball on the Time Ball Tower was raised and lowered so the waiting ships could set their chronometers.


Riding along the trail over the weeks of the restrictions I see and experience the moods of the slowly changing hours, weeks and months


Lost in the winter fogs


Feeling stranded like the boat at low tide


Rejoicing in the joy of a clear winters day the bear cloudless sky reflected in the still waters of the creek estuaries


Clear but cold with the beach all but empty apart from some hardy souls walking on the sand or buying a hot coffee.


Sometimes having to ride home hard in the cold chill of a waning day

The trail I ride is about 15km its like a meditation as my legs move to the rhythm of the trail.

The same trail but everyday different.

Lost in the place and its beauty.

8 thoughts on “LOCKDOWN Melbourne, Australia -finding the place within.

  1. Lovely stuff! Your winter (and neighbourhood!) looks much nicer than ours. We are sweltering in the heat these days, quite hot for north-central Europe. Much preferable to the grey winters, though. Your text reminds me a bit of the book The Idle Traveller by Dan Kieren. Give it a look if you haven’t read it. And stay healthy!

    1. Thanks, it is a nice neighbourhood. I do though tend to take photos on the days that are not pouring rain and with a howling gale. I suspect our winters are a lot milder than yours. Yes I see its hot all through Europe. Thanks for the book recommendation I will check it out.

  2. Lovely photos and thoughts Mic and not too many on the bike trail by the looks! Wish I could say the same about ours. I ride around the streets (which is interesting) and avoid our bike trails as they are quite busy, whereas the car traffic is much less so. Cheers Pauline xx

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