The Motorcycle as Art

The motorcycle has been used as a symbol in many ways;

the rebel,

the outlaw

the philosopher

The revolutionary

the freedom seeeker

the speed freak racer

the dare devil

and many more archetypes

The book Sons of Thunder in its anthology of writing covers many of these

To a rider their bike is a work of art

But as a public artform curated in an Art Gallery

This was special

The beautiful old Moto Guzzis took my eye

as the the Norton Commando and Laverda Joto-bikes I once owned

There were bikes so stylish

And bikes record breakingly fast

There were the off road bikes

And the electric bikes of the future

And my favourite – amazing hand built Britten

Still amongst the most innovative and eye catching bikes ever built

So if you love the image of motorbikes, the art of motorbikes and you are in Australia, head to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane

whoops I nearly forgot the helmets

and if you go don’t forget to buy a tshirt!

6 thoughts on “The Motorcycle as Art

  1. Very cool! Looks a bit like the exhibition at the MOMA years ago. Too bad Brisbane is so far away! I did make it to the MG museum in Italy in 2017, which was a real treat.

    1. Yes the Moto Guzzi museum is a treat. I went there in 2016 on my first European motorcycle adventure. Alot of the bikes in the exhibition are owned by Australian collectors. But I’m sure the concept isn’t new

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