Time to test and set up the new bike

I’ve christened the new bike The Steinbock

The name of a Bavarian Ibex

Im sure you can see the resemblance!

So the best place to test the Steinbock is in the trails of the mountains

Close to home on the trails of Otway ranges of Victoria

Where just of the Mount Sabine Trail is the beautiful Lake Elisabeth

But the real test for the Steinbock was on the high planes of the Mount Kosciusko National Park

Amongst the kangaroos and the wild horses

I was so glad to see that my favourite high country camp ground had been spared the 2019 bushfires

The Ghost Gully campsite is named by the stands of beautiful Ghost Gums that ring the campground

A couple of families with their horses were also sharing the campsite and we soon got to talking and sharing a cup of tea around the camp fire

Bushfires are such fickle things

While the Ghost Gully campground and the rest of the Long Plane were untouched by the fires

Just across the Snowy Mountains Highway the Yarrangobilly Caves reserve was badly burnt

But it was heartening to see the forest regeneration down at the thermal pool

And the caves totally spectacular

I was starting to feel the power and agility of the Steinbock both on the tarmac and on the loose and gravelly roads.

It’s a bike that asks to be ridden so I couldn’t stop here.

but that is for the next post!

7 thoughts on “Time to test and set up the new bike

  1. Very cool! I assume your new purchase will give you a lot more options when it comes to choosing which road to take. And that camp ground does indeed look wonderful, especially when viewed from a -3 degree day in central Europe! Enjoy!

    1. It is interesting getting used to the new bike. Many of the trails I’ve taken the mighty Breva has also travelled but the Steinbock does it at twice the speed leaping over ruts in the road and slicing through loose surfaces. On the tarmac I had one scary moment as I felt the front wheel start to break traction. The mighty breva has better road manners. Ghost Gully camp is at around 1200m so it was chilly in the morn 3 not -3 though! Just to rub it in it will be a pleasant 28 today in Melbourne. We in in the midst of a 5 day lockdown. Such is the modern world. Take care

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