Normanton and Karumba, where the desert meets the sea

The Norman River flows through the trading town of Normanton before emptying into the Gulf of Carpentaria at Karumba.

Karumba Point provides a popular place to view the sunset across the Norman River estuary.

Normanton was original port town

The home of the Gulflander, the vintage train the runs the old line to the once gold town of Croydon.

The route passes little siding in the sparse outback.

Normanton as the old port town has a collection of historic buildings.

These days Karumba is the main port

And home to large prawn and barramundi fishing industry.

While the model of a replica of a huge crocodile caught in the Norman River announces that this is Croc Country.

It is the waterbirds that fascinated me.

At Mutton Hole Wetlands.

And in the mangroves flanking the river at Karumba.

The powerful raptors

Sea Eagle
Osprey and Kite

And the little mangrove birds

Red helmeted honey eater

Darting around the mangrove

And down around the waterline

The campground at Normanton offered the luxury of a pool and spa

And at Karumba the campers included a group of classic cars from the 1920s that had driven all the way from Melbourne

And a nightly concert of harp and guitar from my neighbouring campers.

Tomorrow I head deeper into the Gulf Country along a dirt road to the remote town of Burketown.

14 thoughts on “Normanton and Karumba, where the desert meets the sea

      1. I really am! You are enabling us to see parts of Australia that one could only dream of, and far off the path of where your typical travel tour takes you 🙂

  1. Hi Mick, you are starting to look too brown and tanned for us pale Victorians. Still, lovely photos. The Black Dog Ride national committee may decide to alter the ride in 3 1/2 weeks given NSW is looking very dodgy at the moment, COVID wise. Hopefully plan B which will be announced this week, will still take us somewhere if not Alice Springs. In the meantime, stay well and safe and keep on riding into the sunset…

  2. I would definitely camp more if someone was playing the harp each night! Loving the bird and sunset photos. Cheers Pauline xx

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