The Gregory River, water from the ground in the harsh outback of North West Queensland

I was sitting savouring my exquisite long black coffee with cinnamon and apple muffin.

As often happens the conversation started with the words ‘ Nice bike’. This one finished with direction to a local camping spot beside the Gregory River.

An oasis in the harsh dry country

Spring fed flowing crystal clear water.

Water so clear you can see the little fish in the water

A place so quiet and peaceful

The little finches, honey eaters and willie wag tails would fly down and pose nonchalantly for the camera

Water is life

This water in the Gregory River that fell in monsoons thousands of years ago, on mountains thousands of kilometres away percolates underground coming forth as a spring to bring life to the desert.

9 thoughts on “The Gregory River, water from the ground in the harsh outback of North West Queensland

  1. What a gorgeous spot. Wish I could teleport as snap lockdown 6 happens. You couldn’t have picked a better time to do this trip.


  2. You said it. Water is life and that is why there are so many birds there. Simply gorgeous pictures. Makes me wish I was out there too.


  3. I was wondering where you were! Looks lovely although I was worried about that camp-site; it looked like it was near croc infested waters! Our travel plans have been brought to a grinding halt by the lockdown so won’t see you in the NT unfortunately. Safe travels to the next destination! Cheers Pauline xx

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