Into the Northern Territory- more hot springs, how can life be so hard!

I was running short of supplies to find a supermarket.

Nearest supermarket – 550km by mainly sealed roads or 334 by mainly dirt roads.

So it was back on the dirt roads again and refreshed by the healing waters of Boodjamulla it was time to make big distance.

A stop at Riversliegh ( the world heritage fossil site.

Through river crossings

And onto the city of Mount Isa.

Refreshed from my swimming at Boodjamulla is time was time to make miles.

Some Covid outbreaks in Queensland influencing my decision to get west while I could.

I covered the just over 1,600km to Mataranka hot springs a 2 and a half days.

Met up with some fellow bikers on the way

Joined up again with the beautiful Savannah woodlands

And celebrated being back in the Northern Territory with a soak in the hot thermal waters of Mataranka on a moonlight night.

And how could I resist a dawn swim!

The steam rising of the thermal water in the cool morning air.

Border entry into Western Australia is very strict with a requirement to be in the Northern Territory (classified covid low risk) for 14 days before entering.

Nitmiluk National Park was my next stop and where I have spent most of my current time in the Northern Territory.

My next few posts will cover this amazing piece of Australia.

7 thoughts on “Into the Northern Territory- more hot springs, how can life be so hard!

  1. Look at Mataranka Springs and those fossils! And at last a shot in the water; looking very relaxed after all that riding! Cheers, Pauline

  2. Loved Mataranka when we did the big trip in 2001 with the kids. I remember swimming in the springs and seeing a network of spider webs above the water, glistening in the afternoon sunny. Magical!!! Pity we are still locked down otherwise I’d rack off somewhere nice myself. Clare Valley??? Enjoy, Peter.

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