Final reflections on Broome.

It’s my last evening in Broome and I finish the way I started with a swim at Cable Beach.

It’s been 43 years since I first came to Broome much has changed but something remain.

Like Sun Pictures, the outdoor cinema that has been in operation since 1916.

But the cultural aspects have expanded.

Art and Street Art abounds

Reflecting the history and character of the town.

Old building have been repurposed.

The old sail makers shed now part of the museum. Housing a collection of then and now photos.

Mmm 1978, yes that’s when I was last here!

And it’s the Kimberley so big Boad trees in the streets.

But its not perfect.

Somedays a Crocodile decides to put a stop to swims at the beach.

But at festival time there is music in the streets

Tomorrow the Steinbock will be loaded and I start the trip south.

Western Australia, is a huge state, about 1/3 of the Australian Continent.

It’s nearly 3000km to Perth, the states capital, and a further 3500km across the country to my home town of Melboure.

So Broome I’m sad to leave but there is more country to see.

12 thoughts on “Final reflections on Broome.

  1. Ahhh, brings back memories when we were there in 2001 (even took in a film at the old picture theatre). There is lots to see heading south, so enjoy. Are you going as far south as Margaret River, Albany…? Weather here in Melbourne is still cool and we are still in lockdown. At least we had the Paralympics and the footy to watch although that will soon be over. Stay safe… Peter

    1. Hi Pete, not sure how far south I will get to yet. It’s 6 months since I left Melbourne and the old body is starting to feel it. I have ningaloo and Monkey Mia on the agenda. I’m due for new chain and sprockets in Perth. I will make an assessment then. Cheers Mick

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