When I’m 64

Maybe its a latter life crisis

Too late for a mid life one – me thinks

Haven’t been to the blog for a while

Feel a bit like the unadventurous adventurer at the moment

In reality its just the piecemeal part

And now I’m 64

A child of Aquarius

My birthday just past

Maybe its still a hangover from the amazing 8 months I had travelling around some of the most iconic and remote places in Australia.

I think I miss a lot of being in the wilderness now Im back in the city.

But there have been little escapes

On the Mighty Breva onto the Victoria’s Central Highlands

In the rain forests and on the windy roads and trails in the Otway Ranges

I think my late life crisis hit its peak on my last trip to the Otway Ranges

Riding some of the more difficult trails, getting bogged in mud and in sand and having to muscle a big heavy bike out of those predicament

One beauty of the Otway Ranges is the waterfalls such as Beauchamp Falls

It’s also where the rainforest meets the Southern Ocean

But I think what I have missed most being back in a big city is the stars.

The lume of artificial light from a major city like Melbourne robs the night sky of its sparkling grandeur

But camped in the higher parts of the Otways on a clear crisp night with little but a camp fire to compete with the night sky put on a special show.

It’s 2022 now and we are entering the third year of the pandemic and for us in Australia the possibility of travelling overseas again.

I still have a bike in the UK and there is a strong urge to complete the journey to Morocco that I started in 2020 and that was bought to a sudden and abrupt halt in Spain and its first pandemic lock down.

Also there is nothing like riding a motorcycle in the Alps lol

Looking across to Grimsel Pass from Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps

Ps an addition for my friends in the US. In the Otways there is a small stand of Sequoia. They were planted in 1939, only babies in the life of these trees but already they are reaching high into the sky. A little bit of California in Victoria.

15 thoughts on “When I’m 64

  1. Great stuff Mick.
    64 ain’t so bad, I’ll be 71 in a month and that’s just ridiculous.
    We’ll be shipping our bike to Europe on the 23rd of this month and pick it up on May 16th for 4 months and 12,500klm around the UK/Ireland, then Northern Spain/Portugal, across to Sardinia and Corsica, Nth’n Italy and a couple of weeks in Switzerland before a quick scoot across to drop the bike off early September.
    It’s been a long time in the planning so very much looking forward to it.

  2. I can feel your longing, Mick. It is always hard to re-adjust after such a long stretch of adventures and freedom. No sooner are you back, you just want escape again. Your little getaways are beautiful though.

  3. Hey what’s wrong with being 64? That’s me in July and I didnt even start camping till I was 60!
    You are just wallowing. Get on with life and enjoy travelling again!!
    We all love to live vicariously through your journeys. How else are we going to see all the
    magnificent pics you take?? Hey just saying… its time my friend. 👍😃😉

  4. You sound like you’ve been living the Australian version of Easyrider. I have been copped up too long avoiding covid and yet it waited two year to go troppo here and as restrictions ease the capacity to benefit went up in smoke for many people. So I’m taking a few trips via Google Earth. It’s not the same but at least I can afford it and I don’t arrive home frazzled and broke, but oh how I love travel in real life anyway!! Here’s hoping 2022 sets us free.
    Best wishes,

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