Australia’s borders are open, its autumn, and time to contemplate Northern Hemisphere Travel

Summer has flowed into autumn in Melbourne, Australia

At my local beach the water is cool and clear

So clean you feel like you could reach out and grab a handful of sea lettuce and just munch it

But in late February, Australia’s international borders opened post covid and my mind had turned to travel again to the Northern Hemisphere and the motorbike I have stored in England

Time for another European Adventure , and maybe with a touch of North Africa.

It was time to get used to riding my Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 again. The same bike as I have in England.

The Mighty Breva was 3,000 km short of its next service. Perfect for a return trip to NSW to enjoy that beautiful part of Australia and catch up with friends.

So it was time to hit the highway and byways.

Pick up some uninvited company on the way

Then head over the Waterfall Way

To the Northern NSW Coast.

I still believe the beaches of Northern NSW are the best I’ve seen in all my travels. Unfortunately due to the heavy recent rains the water was a murky brown rather than the usual blue.

The Arawarra Fish Traps are a legacy of the aboriginal aquaculture in this area.

At high tine the traps are hardly visible.

But at low tine the intricate stonework of the traps are revealed.

And a trip to this area is not complete without a ride in the mountain rainforest.

Unfortunately the changeable and wild weather that has been happening on Australia’s east coast cut my time and I had to come back to Melbourne early.

As I had a swim this afternoon this tern was flying overhead.

Its soon time for me to fly

In a couple of weeks its across the world to England to see my sister, collect my Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 stored there and then head across Spain to Morocco to recommence the journey of adventure there, which was cut short by pandemic in 2020.

15 thoughts on “Australia’s borders are open, its autumn, and time to contemplate Northern Hemisphere Travel

    1. Thanks hope hope you have success picking your way up the east coast up the east coast. It seems at the moment a small low can just develop into a huge storm easily at the moment. Well I travel the sea vicariously with you as well so thanks

  1. Happy travels overseas. I’m going to Mount Surprise soon with my club before ACC State muster next month at Charters Towers.
    The only overseas I’ll see this year is a Vanuatu Cuuse at Xmas. Enjoy and stay safe. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  2. I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve ever seen that much water over Wollomombi falls. Itโ€™d certainly be nice to get back overseas for some more riding.
    Will look forward to your adventures.

    1. The locals told me it was the most water over Wollomombi in 50 years. I couldn’t argue as I’ve really ever see a bit of a trickle. Yes looking forward to getting to Europe again. Hope you get some good rides in as well.

  3. Hi Mick, another terrific blog and good timing as I bumped into Mad and Ian yesterday on the way home from work and they were telling me about their forthcoming OS trip and now I’m reading about your upcoming trip! As if I wasn’t envious enough! We’re in Merimbula for the holiday break so that’s about as exciting as it gets for us! Looking forward to reading all about your UK/Spain/Morocco trip! Cheers Pauline

  4. Gorgeous photos, thanks for the post. Exciting to hear the adventures are going to pick up where they left off from 2020. I am also planning again and excited to get my own adventures underway as well as hearing about others. Very inspiring, thank you!

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