La Rochelle, a fortified harbour.

La Rochelle is a wonderful maritime city on the Bay of Biscay. A busy fortified harbour and trading port since the 13th century it is now more orientated toward recreation boating and maritime history.

And the old port is beautiful.

By day…

And by night

In the historic maritime area next to the old port there is the Maritime museum with a collection of historic vessels.

A major reason that I visited La Rochelle was to see Bernard Moitessier’s yacht Joshua.

If you don’t know the story of Mortessier I encourage you to click on the link above.

Unfortunately, Joshua was undergoing renovation so I could only view this historic vessel from the outside.

After a couple of days at the Municipal Camping Ground in La Rochelle it was time to load up the Mighty Breva and continue my pilgrimage to Mandello de Lario

12 thoughts on “La Rochelle, a fortified harbour.

  1. We’ve just finished your blog and the fascinating story of Moitessier! Perfect reading with a beautiful sunset overlooking yachts moored below us. Not with the same pedigree as Joshua of course and the port here is nowhere near as beautiful as La Rochelle but your lovely photos took us there! Cheers Pauline

    1. Glad you enjoyed the blog and I didn’t have to work hard to make La Rochelle look beautiful. I was inspired by Moitessier when I started sailing 30+ years ago. His story is still inspiring. Sounds lovely where you are as well. Enjoy

      1. I can still remember the shock upon hearing he was not coming back up the Atlantic when he was winning the solo circumnavigation, and kept going for a second round to settle in Tahiti. It made a big impression on me.

      2. He is my sailing hero. That’s why I went to La Rochelle. Ashame Joshua was in dry dock but great that through the boat and its restoration his story lives on. Jon Sanders was amazing but they all follow Moitissier

    1. Ah yes I know Eric Tabarly, a great yacht racer sponsored by the French govt. . He was a professional yachtsman doing all the big races. Not an etherial spirit of the sea like Moitessier. Do you know Jon Sanders story? They disallowed his round the world record because a alleged outside assistance. So he went and did a a double round the world the wrong way just to show them. And in a 34ft yacht.

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