Three Col (passes) to Italy

From Gorge du Verdon the choice is to head to the French Mediterranean or into the Alps.

I chose the Alps a big U turn into the Alps before crossing to Italy and on to Tuscany.

Before there big passes including the biggest in Europe I couldn’t resist this little one. Every Michael should visit it!

This little Colle sits above the Vale du Verdon

I had followed the Verdon River north toward its source and found a beautiful valley and and the La Colle St Michel.

It’s a remote farming area in France and negotiating the mobs of sheep took me back home to Australia

Then I was the Alps at the Col d Allos

The source of two major rivers in Provence.

And the view!

The next Col though was La Bonette the highest pass is Europe.

Enjoy the view

The weather was looking threatening so it’s was a quick ride with a short stop to take inthe view from the Col de Lombardy, which sits on the France/Italian Border.

I found a little camping in the tiny village of Forani. They had a caravan for hire.

It rained all night, I was snug in a caravan and woke in Italy to amazing views.

3 thoughts on “Three Col (passes) to Italy

  1. Wow! That is an amazing view! And would have been lovely to wake to another amazing view! Cheers Pauline

  2. Good call, certainly for Bonette and Lombarde! Though I’m afraid Allos has never really got me over excited, but hey it would be dull if we all thought the same!
    You should have had a play on the side road to Pra Loup as you descended into Barcelonnette, it’s got hairpins that wouldn’t be out of place on a MotoGP circuit!
    Catch you soon,

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