Lust for a long lens

I’ve long lusted after a long lens. One of those ones that give beautiful bird photos.

I have finally bitten the bullet and invested of a 75 -300 telephoto lens.

I have to admit as I’m a piecemeal adventurer I’m also a piecemeal photographer and I’m going out on a limb here to share some of my initial photographs with my new lens

Most are really sharp some not as sharp as I would like. It’s certainly different shooting hand held with such a long lens.

In doing my research I learned a new word- Bokeh. This is the blurred background that a long lens gives. I think the next two images give a good example.

The flying tern and resting cormorants are sharp against blurred background.

While my blog has plenty of photographs, I call my style ‘words and pictures’ where I try, using these mediums, to give a sense of what I’m seeing and feeling in the places I visit.

I use Olympus (now OM) cameras and lenses. I found this blog very helpful in choosing and using my new lens;

So friends and followers I look forward to adding some long lens elements to my next adventure blogs.


It is still cold and blustery in Melbourne for Spring. So took another walk at the Newport Lakes Urban Forest.

It’s wonderful to have this forest and its birdlife so close to the centre of a big city.

13 thoughts on “Lust for a long lens

  1. Congrats on getting your new lens! And what a treat with the baby chicks! One of the tricks I used for a while to minimise the amplified motion was to use a monopod… not as bulky and limiting as a tripod but just enough to stabilise myself.

    1. Thanks I will try that. I’m hoping to go somewhere nice when the weather fines up a bit here and try it with the tripod. It was seeing a movie called The Velvet Queen that tipped me over the long lens edge. It’s a story of a photographer searching for and photographing a snow leopard in Tibet. Just amazing. He wasn’t a piecemeal photographer lol

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