Corsica (La Corse) -2

The views from the coast road leading south from Porto are just stunning as the road winds it way along a Ridge in the mountains that meet the sea.

The section to Piana is especially stunning, but the coastal road through to Ajaccio is beautiful scenic riding.

Just before Ajaccio there is an opportunity to cut inland into the mountains in search of another beautiful Col.

Corsica is a bit like stepping back in time. Back before livestock were kept in cleared paddocks. Domestic pigs, cows and sheep grazes freely in the Corsican forests. This adds an extra challenge to riding these amazing mountain roads.

Just below the Col de la Vaccia there is a little Auberge that serves beautiful Corsican dishes, wine and beer. The next day we were on the afternoon ferry to Corsica from Bonifacio, an easy ride away so this seemed to be the spot to stop and watch the sun go down over the mountains.

Two nights in Corsica definitely wasn’t enough but that is the downfall of planning trips from the other side of the world.

The next day was a ride to Port town of Bonifacio where there are three ferries a day that cross from Corsica to Sardinia.

14 thoughts on “Corsica (La Corse) -2

  1. So beautiful with the rugged mountains down to the ocean. I had a bit of a giggle seeing the porkies and cows on the road! You would not want to come out of a tight curve with them wandering in front of you!

    1. Truly a beautiful island. The stock on the road was I interesting but it was pretty hot so nothing was moving quickly! The good thing of the freee range stock is the most of the native pine forests are still intact and make it cool to drive on the mountain roads.

  2. Beautiful photos as always. I particularly loved the setting sun triplet.
    Best wishes from a rainy cold Cairns in Oz.

  3. Stunning shots Mic, those pigs on the road looked rather large! Only 2 days there; you may have to return!

    1. Yes the pigs were all big and fat like the cattle and just free ranging in the forest. Though I’m not a big meat eater these days but the meat sauce at the auberge was something special to taste. Yes it would be well worth a return visit.

  4. Did not mind the wildlife on the road too much, but the slippery stuff that they left behind, on bends, was not too nice.
    The last two pictures bring back memories. We stayed in the southernmost hotel on the island there, looking out toward Sardinia.
    We did a couple of weeks on the BMWs.

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