Other side of the world 12 months on

Its hard to believe 12 months ago I was in  Cooktown

Vast savanah plains

Tropical rain forest

The iconic tale of Captain Cook saving his ship in the Endeavour River

The marvellous aboriginal rock drawings

At Cooktown 

And now I’m at the site of another iconic Australian story at Villers Bretenneux in northern France.

At Villers Bretenneux

Today rode a bit over 400 kms today visiting three countries. The Netherlands,  Belgium and France

What a contrast to last year’s trip.

Densely populated villages

Fields green at the end of summer

In northern Queensland

Maybe one or two roadhouses on the parched dry land was all to see in 400kms.

The Villers Bretenneux is a significant story from a couple of aspects.

Firstly the village, in the Somme Valley was liberated by Australian soldiers in WW1.

It was a scene of vicious fighting were far too many died.

Monument to Australian soldiers at Villers Bretenneux

So the oh so many young men who died were collected and buried near Villers Bretenneux.

But the story doesn’t end there

And I believe this is the most moving part

The people of Victoria, Australia,  many of whom had lost family in the war,

Raised money to by donation to raise money to help build a new school in Villers Bretenneux

The school still stands today

And the kangaroos at the entrance show the eternal connection across hemispheres.

4 thoughts on “Other side of the world 12 months on

  1. Hi Mic and Mez – your blog is off to a great start. Looking forward to the next chapter! Pauline and Swanny xx

  2. I was there several years ago.
    The average age of the fallen diggers was about 17-18!
    The tears flowed freely.

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