A bit of reflection 

In the just over a week I have ridden through six countries in Europe

Open borders

Free travel

Wonderful friendly people

I’m reflecting on a this

And thinking of the past

The tragedy and waste of war so poignantly captured at the memorials at Villers Bretenneux

And the at the main train station at Nijmegen there was this sign

And I think

Let’s all just keep kissing

Let’s keep riding

And keep war and death in the past

2 thoughts on “A bit of reflection 

  1. Fantastic Mic. Definitely need more kissing and less war. Scenery looks fantastic and you’ve certainly done some kms already. Hope you got to see/hear about the Doggies win against the Hawks tonight. Just waiting for Swanny to get home; hopefully I’ll be asleep by then! Pauline xx

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