Refinding the beauty of Germany 

Old town in Kunzelsau

Escaping the rain of Scandinavia via the ferry from Rodby in Denmark  to Puttgarden in Germany the sun broke through.

Rodby to Puttgarden ferry

The southern areas of Germany and warmer weather called.

And along the road the lovely old buildings the lovely German guest houses.

And the well preserved buildings in the villages.

Moving south the mountains take over from the flatter land of the north.

Castles perch on hilltops.

With views over the green pastureland

And curvy roads that attract motorbikes.

An on any Sunday stop

And of course the beautiful Rhine with the old towns and cities built to the edge of the river.

2 thoughts on “Refinding the beauty of Germany 

  1. Just stunning. The villages reek history the greenery magnificent. Company along the way…superb.

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