High peaks, glaciers, lakes and fine twisty roads this must be the Swiss Alps – revisited


Alpine roads and scenery and culture are known to cause Alpinitis, a disease that creates an almost uncontrollable urge to return. The only relief is more Alpine riding, which results in reinfection.

This warning sits in small print on the first page of the book Motorcycle Journeys Through The Alps and beyond

September 2016, I had my first taste of the Alps.
I hadn’t noticed the onset of Alpinitis but in February this year I felt compelled to do a five day ride in the Australian Alps

The Bonang Highway, 105 kms of twisty road

But it wasn’t enough and here I am again in the Swiss Alps reinfecting myself.

The piecemealadventurer at the top of St Gotthard Pass

Up amongst the glaciers.


Across the valley to the next twisty climb

Looking at Grimsel Pass from Furka Pass
The climb up old St Gotthard pass

Down at the switch backs just conquered

Old roads

The cobbled surface of the old St Gotthard pass road

And fast sleek sweepers

Fast corner on the Susten Pass

The past the lakes

Looking down

Looking across

Days in the very high passes

Nufenpass the highest in the Swiss Alps at neatly 2,500 metres


Furka, Susten and St Gotthard

I’ve been reinfected and I’m glad there is only one response. More Alpine riding!


To ensure the total reinfection I have was drawn to the tortuously narrow Pragel Pass.

And its partner the Klausen.

There is no end to the beauty of these mountains.

9 thoughts on “High peaks, glaciers, lakes and fine twisty roads this must be the Swiss Alps – revisited

  1. Ahhh yes the Bonang. A great piece of road.
    The trouble with Alpinitis is that you just want to keep scratching that itch. And that road looks pretty damn good for scratching!

  2. I hear you and the Alps call me like no other. I look forward to visiting my home in Germany next month and of course the Alps which are close while knowing fully that I will reinfect myself. Thank you for sharing and it warms my heart to see others so passionate about the beauty of our world.

  3. Mick….what a fairy tale ride…..green with envy (as if the green pasturelands weren’t enough!) Would be great to have a viewing and talk at one of the social sips back home 🙂

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