Full moon rise over Port Phillip, Melbourne 

Its a spring night




The full moon a bright orb in the sky

Shedding silver light over the still waters of the bay

11 thoughts on “Full moon rise over Port Phillip, Melbourne 

  1. Beautiful shot – going out on our monthly “Full Moon Bicycle Ride” tonight – we ride at sunset to a spot where we can watch the full moon rise over downtown Dallas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Truly beautiful! I was going to mess with you and say, “wow you have a full moon from AU! So do we in the US!!” But then I knew someone would take me seriously. Absolutely gorgeous view! We are breaking out the telescope tonight. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Good morning! Sadly, it was cloudy. You always have the greatest adventures and photos! I envy the sailing. We keep saying, “one day” we will buy a sailboat (and probably just end up coastal cruising) and liveaboard for a few years. I miss it. But we are not getting any younger.

  3. Beautiful and serene but it also evokes feelings that are a bit eerie from the dark lurking waters and not knowing what’s beneath. Perhaps I watched too many horror movies. 😉

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