Death of a Passport

It was only 10 years old

Im sure looking

at the picture

I hadnt changed

Still the same person I was

10 years ago

Not the first passport

I have had to put down

But the nature of the passport

like life

is changing

the passport of the future will be more electronic

less stamps

no ornate visas pasted in

but with a wave of scissors it was dead

barcode cut off

chip card snipped


no longer able to see me safely across borders

Many borders there have been

So let me reveal some of the adventures in those old ornate visas and stamps


Singapore, and India

Singapore the bustling humid city state.

Centre of trade between the hemispheres for centuries

The city  a mix of colonial and bustling modern edifaces

India the ancient history

Sights and smells that are almost overwhelming

Colour vibrancy and activity everywhere.

Ethiopia, Thailand and New Caledonia


Ethiopia the cradle of civilisation

An ancient culture

Home of coffee

Dramatic landscape from high mountains to desert planes,

Many tribes, and diverse wildlife.


Thailand- the kingdom in Asia

long held traditions


New Caledonia the French called it the Riviera of the South Pacific

A place of beauty

But with the tense undercurrent of colonisation bubbling beneath the surface

Vietnam baring the scars of the American war

An ancient culture its capital a city over 1000 years old

Bustling streets markets and waterways




The last stamps on the page are Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.  The start of my recent European adventures but they have been documented in my recent posts.

Ten years of travel outside Australia, my home country recorded on the pages.

Vale passport!!!!





5 thoughts on “Death of a Passport

  1. I love your post. I know what you mean, My third one just expired and the last ten years didn’t have as many stamps as the ten before it! I have to renew, but I have been so busy. I loved seeing all of the stamps and photos connected to each trip. This is the first post of its kind, I think. Always a pleasure reading your posts…

      1. Out of curiosity, when you sail into port, I know you have to see the harbor master but you don’t have to have to go through a customs center, do you? No stamps for those areas, right? Or do you have to go to a local authority?

  2. When you enter a foreign country on a boat you are expected to enter a designated port of entry and get both health and customs clearance. The boat flies a yellow flag that indicates you require customs clearance. That was the previous passport lol

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