Riding the Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland

Mizen Head is the most southern most point of mainland Ireland

As good as place as any to start the Wild Atlantic Way

They even give you a starting line

The route winds up the west coast

Through foggy Irish mist

Bantry Bay

Mizen Head

Over mountains with wonderous views

Mountains where Irish legends such as Finn Mc Cool sat.

A coast where there are fishing villages both small

And big

With cliffs towering out of the sea

Relics of stone age and Celtic history dating back 5000 years

Quintessential Irish pubs

Sandy beaches

And then at the end

After 6 days of challenging riding

At Malin Head the most northern point of mainland Ireland

They provide a finish line

10 thoughts on “Riding the Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland

  1. Once again, lovely photos of what looks like an incredible trip. How nice it would be to travel through this kind of landscape during the day and then to end up in a cozy pub with a good pint and some proper live music after stopping. What could be better? Happy trails!

  2. How beautiful! have always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland. Doubt I will ever go. : ( Thank you for sharing the pics, I LOVE the start, finish line. Did you do a practice start and rev your motor?;) Did you wheelie across the finish hehhe kidding.

  3. Arh Mick it be lookin grand. The tarmac looks a little brutal for sure, and the scenery will be caste in rock in your memory. I remember you telling me once. Guinness, now there’s a hearty meal.

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