An Aussie biker on a Guzzi in Switzerland

What biker can resist the high passes

In the clouds

By the icy glaciers

The winding roads up the mountain passes

The cobble stoned old San Gotthard pass my favourite of all

Crowned with its mountain eagle monument

And on a clear day the lakes, an amazing blue, pay tribute to the sky above them.

10 thoughts on “An Aussie biker on a Guzzi in Switzerland

      1. We met a great Swiss couple on our trip in the US who have put together a great looking route and itinerary for us. It’ll be great to be shown around by locals.
        Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

      2. Yes that sure helps. I have found the Swiss so very friendly and helpful. It’s worth crossing over the border into Italy to do the Stelvio Pass and the other ones around it.

    1. Thanks, I feel very blessed to be able to able to spend time exploring Europe at length while living in Australia. I had back in a few weeks to once again enjoy a European summer exploring

      1. Oh I don’t doubt that the Pyrenees are good, if ridden some of them before, but I’m only really going to clear some outstanding passes!😂 I must admit that I like their compact nature, but they really don’t have the mass grandeur of the Alps.

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