Australia’s Summer of Discontent

When I arrived back home in Australia in October 2019 the bushfires had already started.

The amazing temperate rainforests of Northern NSW and Qld were already on fire

Rainforests don’t burn we thought but things have change

Beautiful ancient forests dating back to Gondwanaland were on fire

It was heart braking

The long summer of bushfires cast a pall over the country

Dead wildlife, rare forests burning, towns and cities choking on the the thick smoke

My long Bike trip in Europe had left me sore, depleted and nursing some nasty Shoulder Tendinitis

So my mood was low and the acrid smoke that clung to the skies of Eastern Australia only darkened my feelings

Dark like the smokey sky and the burning bush

Dark and disturbing

On a ride to Omeo in Victoria just after Christmas , I was spooked by closeness of the fires the smoke so thick

The town cut off from electricity

An eerie smokey foreboding of the horror fires that were to be unleashed on New Years eve in the east Gippsland forests.

Spooked a bit by the smoke ad proximity of the fires I left

Leaving I had a fall off the bike on some leaf litter while pulling off the road

Dislocated thumb ouch, nothing todo but pull it back in and ride the 400+ km home.

So the New Year was seen in with a cast on my hand and Australia Burning

Indeed a summer of discontent

This summer say the sale of Futura

I did the last slip, scrub and paint

And as I write, she with her new owner is approaching her new home in Whyalla South Australia

As the final blow there is now Coronavirus

Emerging and spreading

Quiet leaving Melbourne Airport

Planes only half full

A friend has told me that I’m stubborn and wont change my plans for anyone or anything

Maybe right

As here I sit in London

I’ve collected the Mighty Breva

And on Wednesday I head to Portsmouth to start the journey south to Morocco on the ferry to Bilboa

The summer of discontent, though, is a weight on my enthusiasm

And as I have been reminded though I’m 35 between the ears im actually in a 62 year old body.

But in the world of the traveller a summer of discontent doesn’t lead to winter.

Its spring here

The daffodils are in bloom in Perivale Park

And life’s adventure must go on

13 thoughts on “Australia’s Summer of Discontent

  1. Sad and beautiful telling that really brings the story of what’s happing down there to us in the northern hemisphere, and on a personal level. Thanks

  2. A well told overwhelming and sad story, Mick. But there is renewal and beauty where you are headed. Enjoy Morocco, the Atlas Mountains, the desert, the hospitality and take care of the old body!

  3. Ditch the dis and you are left with content. Stay safe and well and see you back in Aus later in the year. Ringo

  4. Beautifully said as always Mick. ‘Life’s adventure goes on ‘ and I’m looking forward to hearing about this adventure. You mentioned it last year but I didn’t realise you were going for 5 months! Safe travels and look forward to catching up when you get back. Cheers Pauline and Swanny xx

  5. Sad notes beautifully written. I believe it is far better to forge ahead than to hide in fear. Albeit, with some extra hand washing. Sadly I will not be travelling other than a trip to Ontario. Probably flying (COVID19 may determine that) so not even an adventure.

  6. Written with deep feeling Mick, you really painted a very vivid and dark picture, but ended so positively with the determination to keep travelling; and daffodils! 🌻🌻🌻

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