Central Australia Adventure 10 – West MacDonnell Ranges/Tjoritja

To ride through the West MacDonnell Ranges is to travel in a landscape created before time began

Mountains and rivers formed over 300 million years ago.

What an experience to camp beside and swim in the oldest river in the world.

The Finke or Larapinta River.

Ormiston Gorge at sunrise is a spectacular site from the Ghost Gum Lookout

The colours changing on the red rocks as the sun rose

The recent rains had filled the gorge with flowing water

So much water that on the Ormiston Gorge Pound Walk at one crossing it was strip off and carry packs high across the creek

But from this small inconvenience was worth it as the views from the walk were just beautiful

Ocre is prized by Aboriginal Australians for a range of purposes but primarily rock and body painting.

The Ocre pits here have provided this precious colouring for millennia

Gaps and chasms fill the length of the ranges.

Some of the creeks that run through then provide big swimming holes.

Like the Ellery Creek Big Hole

Or are a trickle that over the millennia have carved a chasm.

Tjoritja is vast and I visited only half of its amazing gorges. Maybe another visit is required

15 thoughts on “Central Australia Adventure 10 – West MacDonnell Ranges/Tjoritja

  1. Fantastic photos Michael. Brings back fond memories of the scenery from our trip with the kids in 2001

      1. Could do with air con here too! It is hot and sticky. We are hoping we can finally leave the Gold Coast by the end of next week and start sailing north!

      2. I can understand. Last 4 days has been high 30s it’s just sapped my energy. So a couple of days rest and a Max of 32 tomorrow sounds good. I will be in Ipswich on Wed. So not too far to the Gold Coast. Bet you can’t wait to get going again

  2. I’m blown away by your pics. I feel like I’ve just been on holiday without leaving my recliner. Thank you so much for showing us the beauty of Oz. Good job. Best wishes from FNQ. 💋

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