Central Australia Adventure 9 – the red/green centre – East MacDonnell Ranges

For the last couple of weeks I have been  immersed in the Red Centre of Australia.

Literally immersed as the rivers, creeks and waterholes in the MacDonnell Ranges are brimming after recent rains

The MacDonnell Ranges flank Alice Springs to the east and the west.

A line of rolling mountains, as old as time itself,
Punctuated by, gorges, gaps, passes and chasms

Red and ocre rock forged into mountains by rain wind and salt over the millennia.

This journey of discovery of the Red Centre starts and finishes in these ranges so let’s start the story in the east MacDonnell Ranges.

To the east the ranges run out to the Trephina Gorge Nature Reserve.
Emily and Jessie Gaps/ Yeperenye are only a short 22km ride east of Alice Springs.

These sites have important cultural rock paintings that tell the dreamtime stories of the local Central Arrernte people.

Their dreamtime stories are represented in rock paintings at these sites. People are requested not to photograph them. So you will have to go and see them yourselves.

Corrobaree Rock was formed hundreds of millions of years ago

When central Australia was covered by sea and sand and salt formed a motar to bind these rocks into a new form.

The ghost gum is such a symbol of central Australia and this one at the entrance to Trephina Gorge is over 300 years old.

Trephina Gorge really was a perfect first taste of the magnificent canyons and gorges that were to come.

As an addendum for those following my actual where about. I left Alice Springs yesterday and now on the way to Queensland. The next few posts will be reflections on the Red Centre.

10 thoughts on “Central Australia Adventure 9 – the red/green centre – East MacDonnell Ranges

  1. I see you are enjoying the good weather and clear waters. I so much enjoy your pics as I may never get the places you go to. If you get to Qld drop in to Cairns where I’m from. Plenty of places to visit up this way. πŸ™ƒ

      1. Mmm now that is an interesting question and yet to be determined. It will soon be winter and cold in the southern parts of Australia. But remain warm in the more tropical North. I may stay north!!!

      2. Sounds like a fabulous plan, my friend! I love that you are out there, going wherever the wind takes you! Keep posting pictures πŸ™‚

  2. I wondered where you were and whether you were due in Brisbane before/during their lockdown! Good timing! Cheers Pauline

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