Nitmiluk National Park 2 – colours of Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge is the tourism centre piece of the Nitmiluk National Park.

The Gorge is over 16km long. In the dry season it is made up of 13 separate gorges each separated by natural rock rapids and waterfalls.

In the wet season, the monsoon, the water depth is, average 7 metres higher and the Gorge is one rushing torrent of water.

I was there in the dry season.

From a kayak there is a water eye view of the steep cliffs and the little barriers that separate the 13 sub gorges.

On an evening boat cruise at sunset the colours and the reflections take on a more reddish hew.

And after the sun has set

If your lucky the full moon rises

And of course there are the inhabitants of Katherine Gorge

The fresh water crocodiles

The colours of Katherine Gorge are indeed beautiful!

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  1. Greetings from lockdown land…
    Dear piecemeal adventurer, please stop sending beautiful pictures of North Australia. They are driving us barmy. It is simply not fair. This is the second Melbourne lockdown that you’ve missed I think. There will need to be a reckoning…
    Where are you now? I suppose your sunning yourself on Cable Beach or some other exotic spot. We can hardly bear to hear about it. It’s gone beyond jealousy. It’s simply not fair. How did you plan to be out of Victoria for two lockdowns? Did you get some heavenly advice?
    However, whatever you do, don’t hurry back. This thing is still got a few months to run I think before it comes under anything like control. Federal involvement in the vaccine rollout has been shocking; bull shit heaped on bull shit. Apparently now we are crawling towards herd immunity when 80% of the population has been vaccinated. How long that’ll take nobody knows. So yes, stay put wherever you are. As far as we know Joe and Patsy are up there somewhere as well; maybe also in NT by now.
    Take care and love from all at Filbert Street, Tony A

    1. Hi Tony, yes I sure am lucky being up here. There is some blog catching up to do. Crossed the border into WA today and am staying a couple of nights in Kununurra. Next stop will be the Bungle Bungles for a few days, Fitzroy Crossing, then on to Broome. I have spent the the last couple of days in Keep River NP. Stand by for more blogs. And you all take care. Mick

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