Nitmiluk NP 3 – the Arnhem Land Plateau and Aboriginal Rock Art

There are significant sites of rock art all around the Nitmiluk NP.

There are sites in the public access areas of the Gorge

There are remote areas accessible only by helicopter

And special areas only accessible with aboriginal guides, in remote communities. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 access to remote aboriginal communities is not available.

The Arnhem Land Plateau is amongst the oldest exposed rock in the world.

Being formed 1,600 million years ago.

In the wet season the sandstone acts as a giant sponge soaking up the flooding waters that flow as springs and waterfalls in Nitmiluk and Kakadu in the dry season.

We landed at a spring atop the Arnhem Land Plateau

Around the spring were six galleries of aboriginal art

This was a place for dreaming hence the yellow Mimi spirit, catching fish, and giving birth.

I can’t capture the galleries painted thousands of years back are.

In the main Gorge the rock art is more accessible

For us, non aboriginal people this art are interesting images.

For aborigines they tell a story of how the land was formed and changed over tens of thousands of years

How to find food and water in the wilderness.

How to live as one with the land.

12 thoughts on “Nitmiluk NP 3 – the Arnhem Land Plateau and Aboriginal Rock Art

  1. Great pictures, my friend! Hey…it looks like your country is really cracking down on travel right now. Are you running into this on your adventures? I thought that perhaps you are in such remote places that no one is bothering you about quarantining……

    1. Travelling in and out of Australia is difficult.i have just entered the state of Western Australia. Had quarantine checks but all ok. The adventure continues. It is very remote up here. Remote and hot!

      1. This is a long way north. Close to the equator. It’s hot here all the year. In summer there is a wet season where it rains hard for months. Like a monsoon. Where I live is around 3,500 km south of here and its cold there.

      2. Thank you for explaining this to me, my friend. I truly love learning about Australia. It is a place that has always fascinated me. I hope to get there some day πŸ™‚

  2. Flying in to this remote sites is sensational. Brilliant images and the rocks are so high in colour. You are very lucky to see the art few people get to view.

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