Nitmiluk National Park 4 -some final observations

The Cutta Cutta caves limestone caves may not the most colourful but are an amazing insight to the forming of the artesian springs in the Northern Territory.

In the wet season this cave and others like it act as funnels collecting the monsoonal rains to flow through the limestone and into the artesian basin.

The water heats up and flows out at thermal springs at Mataranka and Katherine.

The sunset over the Katherine with the bats taking off into the night ( look closely at the photo just above)

The birdlife is abundant but at Edith Falls there was something special.

This Great Bower Bird singing his full repertoire of songs. (The Great Bower Birds are amazing at mimicking sounds which they include in the songs. Other birds calls, engines starting, towels fluttering are all included.)

His singing was successful as he seduced this female into his carefully constructed Bower.

How wondrous is nature.

5 thoughts on “Nitmiluk National Park 4 -some final observations

  1. Beautiful photos and good to see that the ‘Hot spring selfies’ have made a comeback! You’ve certainly timed your travels well with Darwin and Katherine now in lockdown! Looking forward to the WA instalments. Cheers Pauline and Swanny xx

    1. I was worried that I may have been getting a bit too narcissistic with too many selfies. But I’d bought waterproof camera for the trip and couldn’t resist the in water shots. Hope you are both well and managing lockdown.

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