The Ferry from Santander to Portsmouth

Santander is capital of the Spanish Provence of Cantabria and a major seaside city. Beaches and a ferry port all part of the the mix the city offers.

It was so different leaving Santander March 2 years ago when the pandemic and a lockdown drove me out of Spain.

A beautiful summers day a yacht on the water sailing alongside the ferry.

As it left the harbour

Up on deck we spotted whales in the Bay of Biscay Abyss. Can you see the spout?

Agh how I missed the sight of the open sea when I was confined to cabin. At that time, like all of us, unaware how much time confined to hotel rooms, to our houses and neighbourhoods lay ahead.

How amazing to travelling internationally adventuring and watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

White cliffs up the Solent welcomed me back to Great Britain.

It’s a bit of a heatwave as I sit in my sister’s house in London. Covid 19 hasn’t gone away and being in a big city like London requires caution but life is an adventure to be lived so let’s live it.

10 thoughts on “The Ferry from Santander to Portsmouth

  1. Have greatly admired your latest postings and beautiful photos. What a trip! I m more than a little jealous! I was about to head off for five days to visit a friend in southern Bavaria when the dreaded covid vius finally got me. Now I’m holed up at home, but it hasn’t been too bad, so I’m one of the lucky ones. Where will you be headed to next? Safe travels.

    1. Firstly I’m sorry to hear you have got covid and hope you have a quick recovery. I’m in England to around mid August then I’ll be heading toward Italy. I aim to be in Mandello for the 100th +1 celebration in Sept. It would be great if our paths could cross. Wishing you a quick recovery. Mick

      1. Just saw your reply! Hope you have a great trip to Mandello. I made it there 5 years ago on the last day of July, on the last day the museum was open before closing for all of August. What a great museum, and fantastic area to ride in. The mountains to the east of Lake Como offer great riding, without too much traffic. Enjoy!

  2. That sunset pic is fantastic! It must have been strange remembering the circumstances in which you made this trip a couple of years ago. Looking forward to the next instalment/s. Swanny says you’ll need a visa to come back into the country! Cheers Pauline

  3. I just returned to Canada from the UK. It was a marvellous two month trip. My last four nights were in London – it was crazy with tourists. I was down for a week with Covid, (fortunately while staying with my daughter vs. actual travelling and can say that although fairly ill I am grateful international travel is once again open.

    1. Well done and I’m glad you had your daughter to stay with when you contracted Covid. Yes London is full of tourists just crazy. At the moment I’m staying down on England’s south coast at Rye. It beautiful down here. Hope you are well now

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