Back to Queenscliff to Swim with the Seals

Finally the strong winds that had been blowing around the Rip, the entrance to Port Phillip had abated and a date to swim with the seals fixed.

The evening before the swim, on Shortland Bluff overlooking the Rip, a Kestrel was riding the last of the wind as it hunted for prey

Then he spotted me and was off

As night fell the ships passed through the heads. Mechant ships going about their business and cruise ships sparkling bright in the night.

The next morning was still and the converted fishing boat awaited us.

Most of Port Phillip is marine sanctuary these days and hence a haven for wildlife. Structures have been built to give shelter to the Australian Fur Seals that reside in the Bay.

The seals are happy to join the swimmers in the water.

Along with a largish Smooth Sting Ray.

Pope’s Eye is an artificial reef also in the Port Phillip Heads National Park. It is a significant breeding area for the Australian Gannet.

There are also forests of kelp and other sea weed and colourful and inquisitive fish.

The crew were great as was the little old fishing boat.

Nothing like lolling in the net and watching the world go by!

8 thoughts on “Back to Queenscliff to Swim with the Seals

  1. I did not know they ran tours that allow you to swim with the seals. Fun thing to do. We have long wanted to do this in the clear water near Montague Island.

    1. It’s a great tour. The seals here are either very old or very young male seals. Basically seals that don’t have female partners and aren’t breeding. According to the guide this makes them quite passive. Unfortunately it was very overcast, so viz wasn’t the greatest. But still great fun.

  2. Hi Mic, I’ve only just got to this post but it brings back terrific memories of diving around Pope’s Eye. It looks like the sealife and kelp are still going strong. I used to know the names of all the fish species and seeing the ray would have been fantastic! It was actually Swanny’s first underwater shot when we were diving! Cheers Pauline

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