Travelling in the Time of Coronavirus-Quarantined in England

Sitting in the warm sun on the deck of my Sister’s caravan in SE England

Listening to the Rolling Stones

It’s England

Exile on Main Street the album

The song Soul Survivor

Seemed right for the end of the first of week of a three week lockdown in the UK.

Its not quite the weather I was prepared for in Morroco

But I was able to buy a micfo fleece jacket before the major  shops shut

There was also the warm clothes I’d bought for Londons late winter.

Coming back from Spain I had planned to isolate for a couple of weeks to be prudent.

The UK govt decided I should join the population and make it three.

My sister had stocked the caravan with food for my arrival.

I should emphasise I had no Covid-19 symptoms when I returned from Spain and a week on still dont so all is good

The UK social distancing allow one session of exercise a day.

Im so lucky to have the Rye and the Rye Nature Reserve on my door step.

The walks through the marsh and the Shingle beach are restorative to ones soul

But being early spring in the SE of Britain

It’s not always warm and sunny

Especially when a nor’easter blows down from the Arctic

Like for most of us Social Distancing and Isolation is challenging.

Even for a piecemeal adventurer who has travelled a bit solo.

So to the 3 F’s, Family, Friends and Followers.

Thanks for keeping in touch in these strange times.

9 thoughts on “Travelling in the Time of Coronavirus-Quarantined in England

  1. I think it’s actually early autumn in Oz, not England, right?! Sorry to hear everything has gone pear-shape regarding your Morocco trip, but I suppose things could be worse (e.g. stuck in a small flat in the centre of Huddersfield!), as you say. Hopefully the weather will soon be better. In Germany we are still allowed to ride, but only to get groceries or to get to work, so things have slowed down here as well. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks I forgot I was in the other hemisphere. Hopefully I have edited. Yes the only ride for food shopping. Ive had a number of great trips to Europe and hopefully things improve in a month or so and we can be on our bikes as the weather warms

  2. What a beautiful place to self-isolate! Glad to hear you are OK Michael, take care.

  3. A nice place to hole up, Mick. Beats looking at the four walls in our lounge room. At least the cellar is fully stocked!!! Ringo

  4. Love the way you continue your story telling even under these extreme circumstances. The photos are just beautiful as always with your knack of capturing details. Happy to be one of your “F”s.

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