Travelling in the Time of Coronavirus-Quarantined week 2

The Mighty Breva remain under the cover, apart from the occaisional shopping trip.

Week 2 of quarantine and its a time of discoveries and little pleasures.

It’s a time self contemplation.

A discovery:

A beautiful beer with a quirky connection.

To quote: This premium strength beer from Rother Valley Brewing Company commemorates the notorious gang of smugglers know as The Blues, who defied the Revenue through out Kent and Sussex for over 50years until their capture and transportation to Australia.

My great grandfather was a rustler not a smuggler and was transported to Australia during the Irish famine.

It’s seems an appropriate drink to have with a healthy home cooked meal

The little pleasures:

The small hardy plants of the salt marsh slowly bursting into life and the days ever so slowly grow longer and warmer.

A bit of self discovery:

Quarantine is a little bit like the kestral hovering, seemingly suspended in space and time. But there is a focus and a purpose.

2 thoughts on “Travelling in the Time of Coronavirus-Quarantined week 2

  1. Hi Mic, another terrific blog. I bet you’re looking forward to the longer days. We’ve just come out of daylight savings and it’s been quite chilly and wet, so being cooped up inside is not such a bad thing! I’m working from home which is another saving grace as far as the boredom factor goes and Swanny is still working (as the construction industry is seen as essential). Stay safe. Cheers Pauline xx

    1. Thanks Pauline, glad you and Swanny are both well and occupied. Glad you liked the Post. Im lucky to be doing my social distance in a beautiful part of the world. England has gone to summer time and the days are getting longer and, thank fully, warmer,

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