Travelling in the time of Coronavirus 6- Tides and Time

Low tide and high tide Rye Harbour

As humanity sits in lockdown

Seemingly hibernating

Time standing still the world and tides rise and fall

River entrance low and high tide

And for many life goes on almost unabated

The fisherman returning of the flood tide after another night alone on the Celtic Sea

The flood tide filling the river and spreading out over the salt marsh

For the fisherman every night is social distance

Alone with on the end less waves, the sky and sea birds for companionship

The tides of time go on ebbing and flowing like the water round the old wreck

Ebbing and flowing in time less motion

Last night over the Celtic Sea the Easter Pink Supermoon rose

In a sort of bright isolated orb in the darkness

Casting it’s beam like a stream of rose gold

Like it has for millenea.

Rye Harbour pier low and high tide

And the tides keep turning

11 thoughts on “Travelling in the time of Coronavirus 6- Tides and Time

      1. Same here, all quiet except the birds, and the lizards tearing around in the gutter – it’s the mating season!

  1. Hey Mick, a very aquatic set of photos. Thanks. Hope you are holding up OK and getting enough fluids into you – both amber as well as wine coloured!! Am missing riding the Beemer but as we are still in lockdown, can’t do much at the moment.

    1. Hi Peter, yes very aquatic around here. The village is very small so I have to take the mighty guzzi to the supermarket. There is a good sized one around 25 k away. I take a scenic route. Have to pick up some more wine. I favouring selections from Rioja at the moment.

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