Back home

I’m back home

But can’t settle

Miss the rumbling wheels beneath me

Melbourne still a touch too cold

So headed north

The warm arms of the north were beckoning me

To reach the humid warmth of the sub tropics

In northern NSW

Gibraltar ranges

The rolling curves of the mountains

Ebor falls

The water flowing through moist valleys

Emerald beach

And smooth flow of the sandy beach, the water warm and welcoming.

7 thoughts on “Back home

  1. Hey Mick, I see you gave us a follow on the Bikers’ Guide blog. You can keep up with movements, trips visitors etc etc on Facebook as well if you use it: Bob adds stuff to that quite often (usually pics of his Ducati!) By the way there’s talk of our two from Ireland coming over in June next year. Something to keep an eye on anyway. Hope you’re keeping well, and maybe feeling a bit more settled 🙂

    1. Totally unsettled Jude lol but the fact is I have 6 months more to go till I retire. Luckily there is a couple of things I want to achieve work wise in that time. Plans for next year are already advancing so will keep an eye out for activities in June in the Dordogne

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