Why Omeo?

January 2019 – First Published 31 Dec 2015 – This beautiful town, in Victoria, my home state in Australia is under attack by enormous bush fires. My heart goes out to the townspeople who have always made me welcome many of whom are being evacuated by military helicopter as I write. Australia is on Fire and many towns like this are facing destruction. This is what Climate change means

Oh me oh

Oh my oh



I’ve been to Omeo on three occasions

Twice after crossing the Victorian Alps

Once over Mount Hotham

The other time through Falls Creek and the Bogong High Plains

These great riding/driving routes converge at Omeo

Bikes at the Golden Age Hotel, Omeo

But my first visit there is the most memorable.

As a child of 10 or 11 I traveled to Omeo to stay with a family for the summer holidays.

My father had died a couple of years earlier and Legacy had arranged the holiday for me.

Nearly 50 years on my memories are sketchy.

The train trip to Bairnsdale then being picked up by the mail van, a Kombi van of the era for long winding climb to Omeo, punctuated by stops to drop off mail and me to be car sick.

I have some enduring memories of the family I stayed with.

Unfortunately I cant remember their name. But for a young boy from the industrial part of Melbourne it was eye opening.

They had a house cow and I used to separate the milk from the cream with a hand separator.

I shot a rifle, a 22.

They had a wood fired oven and the mother made these magnificent swiss rolls with fresh cream and home made jam.

There was wide open spaces, farm machinery scattered about and I ran free with the family’s children.

In reflection I can see they were not rich in a monetary sense but wealthy in terms of love and generosity.

Thats why Omeo for me.

I used to own a Laverda

Younger me on my Laverda

I used to own a Laverda

a big snorting dragon of a thing

wild and powerful 1000cc brute

A machine not for the feint of heart


It took me across the Nullarbor Plain

through the mountains

to Thredbo

and the foot of Mount Kosciusko



straight roads

curvy roads

dirt roads.


They are not made anymore

but when I see one

my heart still skips a beat.


Art, Craft , Engineering – sometimes separated by a thin line

I often think of art in nature

or is that

nature and art

the beauty

lines and curves


colour and light

I remember in Kenya



Flamingos at Lake Nakuru

Such colour

Crowned Crane

In art we try and capture such things often beautifully

but art in many ways is static

so is there a place where art meets craft

is there a place in manufacturing where the elements of motion

reflect art

Sometimes a yacht can walk that line

craftsmanship in wood,

Finely shaped

Art in motion

Futura painted to go back in the water
I also see this practical art in manufacturing

In this pair of beautiful Laverdas

Laverda SFC 750s