S is for summer S is for sailing

Opening day of the sailing season

Summers on its way

Flags fluttering on a cool clear spring day

Flags up for Opening day
Flags up for Opening day

Slip the boat for a clean and scrub

In the boat yard for a clean

S is for sanding

a coat of paint on the hull

getting the old wooden mast ready for a coat of varnish

stripping the mast -Canadian spruce built 45 years ago

spruce the old girl up

Summer is almost here

Reflection on the land, nature and the spiritual notion of wandering








We all wander

restless exploration of the land

of ourselves

Wander on the earth

wander in our dreams

There is a museum for nomads

In Ethiopia

The nomadic tribes of east Africa

The Maasai

piecemeal adventurer preparing to jump like a Massai

The Mursi

Mursi women

The nomadic pastoralists of Southern Sudan

The Australian Aboriginal walkabout

Wandering for Centuries

And we still wander

Me motorised

On my bike

Over centuries we have signposted

Aids to the wanderer




Modern sign post for wanderers
Ancient signpost to water and food (kangaroo)

So the wanderers continue to wander

over the globe

and wanders take different shapes

different scales

different complications

in the modern world

but the wandering is in its essence the same