Bouillon, Belgium beer, 7000+ kms, and the Moto Guzzi European adventure draws to a close.

The Breva parked beside the Semios River in Bouillon

After over 7,000ks traversing swathes of southern Germany,  Switzerland,  France with some tastes of Austria, Italy and Spain, there was Bouillon.

View of the Bouillon fort from the bar of the youth hostel

Second taste of Belgium on this adventure  and a further taste of beautiful Belgium beer.

I discussed the best beers in the world with a couple of Dutch and Germans in Coles Bay, Tasmania. All extolling our nationalistic beer pride when others turned to me and said as one;

You haven’t had Belgium beer.  The really make the best.”

And drinking a duvel over looking the Bouillon I seconded their opinion.

Bouillon was a bitter sweet discovery.

Bouillon in beautiful as is the Semios Valley.

Looking up to the fort from the Hotel De La Poste

The last night of the Moto Guzzi adventure – as the next day was Nijmegen where this part of the European adventure stated only a short 3 weeks earlier.

The mighty Breva had completed over 7000k visited 7 countries. Racing down, unrestricted motorways, climbing ridiculously steep tracks, and through narrow lanes barely wider than the pannier cases without missing a beat.

The mighty Breva ready to be shipped back to Australia

It was part of the European adventure that finished there.

I’m sitting in Madrid having visited one of the oldest cities in Europe,  Cadiz and walked the grounds of the amazing Alhambra and as the might Breva crosses the Indian Ocean in its crate it’s a good time to write the closing blog on that part of the adventure.